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Supporting New Covenant Education, HomeSchool Office gives you
everything you need to
manage your homeschool in
one web-based program.
Use with any curriculum, in any state, and with any number of students. It gives you the framework you need to organize the daily co-existence of home and school, stay on top of lessons, and track progress for the current year and from year to year.
It keeps everything in one place throughout your entire homeschool journey, including the information you need to generate reports, verify your activities, and build a high school transcript.
Plus, this is all available to any homeschool family at NO CHARGE!
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HomeSchool Office

New Covenant Education is homeschooling through God's POWER.


Lord Heritage HomeSchool Office follows a logical strategy used in many areas of business, finance, education, and personal development. However, it originated with our Heavenly Father and is displayed throughout the Scriptures. For this reason alone, it proves to be a pattern worth following when preparing our children for their life calling.
PLAN  (Jeremiah 29-11)
From the beginning God had a plan. He did not make it up as He went along.
He knew the beginning from the end. Parents should also have a plan to implement for their children.
  • Plan subject goals and objectives
  • Build a master schedule
  • Setup lessons
  • Create projects for home or groups
  • Lay out your school budget
ORDER  (1 Corinthians 14:40)
God does all things orderly and neatly as not to cause confusion or chaos. Parents should also promote
order and neatness in their homeschool to avoid confusion and chaos in instruction.
  • Schedule lessons
  • Integrate home & school activities
  • Setup important reminders
  • Create customized lists
WORK  (John 17:4)
God accomplished His plan through the finished work of Jesus Christ. It is important to promote a work
ethic that is done in the confidence and strength of the Lord Jesus Christ, completing our tasks for His Glory.
  • Provide student access
  • View/print individual schedules
  • Follow daily lessons
  • Manage to do lists
EVALUATE  (Matthew 28:20)
God communicates through His Word to maintain personal relationships with His children, to remind us of
His promises, and to encourage us as we go. Parents should use times of evaluations with their children for
the same purpose.
  • Manage requirements for state compliance
  • Oversee daily attendance
  • Track hours per subject
  • Maintain grading per subject
REPORT  (Romans 14:12)
Christ made Himself fully accountable, establishing His testimony through His proven work on the cross.
Therefore, we should not avoid accountability, but rather establish proof of the work we are claiming.
  • Comply with state regulations
  • Customize reports
  • Generate transcripts