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New Covenant Education is not a "new thing." It is written in the pages of Scripture and is based on the promises we have through Jesus Christ under His New Covenant with us. These promises are part of our spiritual heritage. It is through the New Covenant that the Holy Spirit accomplishes God's purposes through His people.

Pattern of Covenant

Covenant making originated with God and is found throughout the Scriptures. The history of the word covenant is an agreement between God and man, identifying the special relationship they have with each other. Jesus Christ offers the New Covenant to believers, committing Himself in a loving relationship with mankind to become one with us through His Holy Spirit. This is best seen through the marriage covenant between a man and a woman, as it reflects Christ and His Church. The two being one through covenant.
Whether it is known or not, various patterns of covenant happen in our society. Forms of covenant making are used in businesses, schools, organizations, and clubs. It appears under the titles of "Policies and Procedures," "Terms and Conditions," "Expectations and Behaviors." Secular and Christian organizations alike acknowledge that it is a needed tool to function together as one for a common purpose. It establishes the reason for the relationship, the roles of authority, and the expected responsibilities of the people involved. It outlines the benefits of a loyal relationship and the consequences of a strained relationship. These written agreements are used for clarification, instructions, accountability, and assurance.
New Covenant Education in Homeschool
The family unit was designed to function together as one for a common purpose -- To Glorify God!
Family demonstrates God's Glory through covenant relationships in a simple, but powerful way. It is through the family that we can learn best how to relate to God and live in the protection and provision of the covenant relationship He offers. Yet, our homes do not always reflect this.
At the same time, our homeschools do not typically function under any kind of covenant. A homeschool family does not think to put together a set of written expectations so that each person understands his personal involvement. It sounds too formal. However, because of this, the reason to homeschool is not identified, the roles of authority are not established, expectations are not understood, benefits are not realized, and consequences are not determined. As a result, the overall understanding is vague which leads to inconsistency and ineffectiveness.
New Covenant Education in homeschool focuses on both; the family unit functioning together as one through the New Covenant of Jesus Christ and then using this covenant pattern in the homeschool environment. It is through the knowledge and power of the covenant relationship that we will realize God's promises and be able to prepare the next generation for Kingdom Living!

A Written Homeschool Covenant
At first glance, it may appear that a written Homeschool Covenant is laying out the rules to be followed by the children, requiring them to agree to it, and having a source to hold in front of them if things do not go smoothly. This would be a gross misuse of the word "covenant."
God's Covenant through Jesus Christ is a beautiful relationship where each party is accountable to the other.
New Covenant Education acknowledges the covenant relationship between the Lord Jesus Christ and the parents first. The parents recognize that their own relationship with the Lord is essential in preparing their child for his life's calling, and submits to God's authority as the instrument He will use to prepare the child. Secondly, it outlines the relationship between the parents and the child as a pattern of the first. It will help the child understand God's loving authority in his life by using the parents to assume this authority in His name. Each being made accountable to the other.
The Holy Scriptures are God's written Word, teaching us about this covenant relationship. It is a powerful tool for us to refer to. It provides clarification, instruction, accountability, security, and assurance. The Homeschool Covenant is similar as it helps us learn about covenant relationships and expresses the commitment in writing as a powerful tool to refer to. It too will provide clarification, instruction, accountability, security, and assurance.