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Our Calling

I never dreamed I would homeschool. I was educated through the public school system and did not think anything of it. No one else at the time seemed to either. That is how it was done and it never occurred to me that there would be choices to make once I became a mom. I was thirty-one when I had my first child and a lot had taken place in my life since high school. The most remarkable and noteworthy change was that I had become an all-out, devoted, in love with my Savior -- Christian. I had my fill of life outside the walls of His Kingdom and was grateful to be in the secure arms of Jesus. So, as my children approached school age, it became my turn to stand at that cross-road to answer the question -- Should I homeschool my children? Looking back at my education, I realized that reading, writing, and arithmetic did not prepare me for life. Not even close. I wanted my children to develop that personal relationship with the Lord that I now had. I wanted them to have the opportunity to learn how to live in His Truth and to know their God-given purpose early in life. Looking at my options, homeschool seemed to be the only choice. This, however, only posed more difficult questions.
"Lord, who are they? Who are these children you have entrusted me with? How do I know what their calling in life is? How do I know the trials they will face? Without such knowledge, how will I know I am preparing them well? Only You know these things. I can teach reading, writing, and arithmetic; but what do You want me to teach them?" This was the conversation I had with the Lord before bed one night. The very same night I awakened to the Lord's answer. Without a doubt, I heard His voice in my mind, "Teach them..." His words were like a flood, moving faster than I could keep up. I quickly got up to grab a pen and paper.
Teach them ...
  •     To love the Lord God with all their heart, soul, and mind
  •     To love their neighbor as themselves
  •     To hunger and thirst after wisdom and knowledge
  •     To seek the Lord's calling for their life and pursue it
It was very clear that I was embarking on something that I was not qualified to do. It was equally clear, however, that the Lord did not expect me to do it alone. "Lord, teach me so that I may teach them," I prayed. Thus began a personal relationship with the Lord specific to my children's education. His promises to me in the area of educating my children were included and secured through the covenant relationship I already had with Him. I only needed to humbly assume my role as helper and acknowledge His role as Head of my homeschool.
Slowly, I began to realize that this was what the Lord had planned all along. It was not that I decided to homeschool and He answered my call for help. Rather, I had answered His call! He is the Leader; I am the helper. He is the Master; I am the instrument. This was not about my mission. This was about His Mission. This was not about just my family. This was about His family.
Identifying the Christian homeschool movement as God's Spirit moving in the hearts of other parents, I saw the Lord orchestrating lives into perfect position to accomplish His purposes in education. He desires to protect His heritage, provide for His children, and to heal His land for future generations. I believe that for such a time as this, we are called to homeschool!
~ Jennifer L. Desautels